Through a structured and supportive environment, the Utopian Academy for the Arts will develop academic and artistic students to enter and to succeed in the global society with proficiency to enroll in a college, university or specialty school of their choice. Utopian Academy for the Arts shall be a community school; nurturing academic excellence for all students and demonstrating leadership in character development. The vision statement is intended to serve as both the blueprint for improvement and the benchmark by which we will evaluate our progress


 Utopian Academy’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment features will support the needs of students at risk, but also offer the kind of learning environment that middle school students thrive in. We will focus our efforts on providing learning opportunities and instruction that are relevant and challenging, integrative, and utilize a variety of instructional methods.






Hours of Operation are from 8AM – 4PM Monday-Friday

6630 Camp Street / Riverdale, GA 30274 (entry in the rear right of the building)

TEL: 770.892.1644

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