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    Rap Superstar Ludacris Supports Utopian Families During Holiday Season
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Entertainment mogul Ludacris recently delivered turkey baskets complete with the trimmings to help three Utopian Academy families over the Thanksgiving holiday.
The Grammy Award winning artist and his mother, Roberta Shields, also donated $500 Walmart gift cards to the Clayton County families who received the meals. The contribution marked the second year in a row that Ludacris and his family foundation supported Utopian Academy scholars during the holidays.
Artesius Miller, executive director of Utopian Academy, thanked Ludacris and his foundation for their generosity. “Ludacris and his family foundation have been loyal supporters of Utopian Academy,” Miller said. “We appreciate his support of our scholars, our teachers, and our school.”
Seventh grader K-Narrius Mapp, 12, said he was shocked to see Ludacris come to his front door. Mapp wants to be a musician, too.
“Mr. Miller said that he had a surprise for me, and that someone may come to my house for a visit,” Mapp said. “The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘I hope that it is Ludacris!’”
On the day of the surprise visit, Mapp said he was watching for cars in the driveway. His sixth grade brother, Brandon Hunter also was excited. When Mapp saw a BMW pull up, he ran to the door.
“I saw Mr. Miller and someone else in the car,” Mapp said. “It looked like Ludacris. He came in our house and was like, ‘What’s up!’ He gave my mom $500. It as so much fun.”
Fredericka Mapp, a mother of five, said she is a big fan of Ludacris and couldn’t believe he was standing in her living room.
“I was very shocked and excited when he came,” she said. “I saw him in ‘The Fast and the Furious.’ He has a lot of songs that I like.’’
Mapp said she cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving, and it was delicious. She used the gift card to help buy Christmas presents for her five children. She is thankful for Ludacris’ surprise visit. “I thought it was great for him to think of us,’’ she said.
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