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bravesGift of Tickets Means Family Fun For Utopian Academy

Utopian Academy supporter and rap mogul Ludacris made the month of September special for scholars and their families by giving the school a gift of more than 100 Braves tickets.The free tickets allowed some scholars and staff members at Utopian Academy for the Arts to experience their very first professional baseball game. Tickets were awarded to students and staff to share with their loved ones.Eighth grader Jasmin Shell made the Braves game a father and daughter outing with her dad, James Williams. “I thought it was really sweet,” Shell said of Ludacris’ gift. “I loved it. It was an amazing experience. It was my first time at a game.”Shell did the wave with the crowd and snacked on fries, chicken fingers, and cotton candy. Her favorite part of the game was basking in the spotlight of the stadium cameras. “We got to dance on camera,” she said. James Williams had so much fun at the game that he kept reminding his wife Tabitha Williams, what she was missing. His texts and selfie photos kept popping into her Inbox. “He kept sending me pictures,” Tabitha Williams said. “He loves the Braves. They really enjoyed themselves.” Special education teacher Remonia Ficklin said she also had a blast at the game. She  took her five-year-old son, Jaxon Todd, who is a budding baseball fan. “He loves tee ball, so being at a professional baseball game was great for him,” Ficklin said. “He did the Tomahawk chop.” Ficklin said Ludacris’ continued support of Utopian shows that he understands the “importance of education” and the value of good schools. “It feels good to see that someone respects the teaching profession,” Ficklin says. “It says a lot for the kids to see him giving. He is a Clayton County native.”

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