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Hollywood Film And TV Execs To Judge First Annual Utopian Academy Film Festival

  Utopian Academy for the Arts will host a student short film and music video competition at 6 p.m. tonight that will be judged by Hollywood movie and television execs now located in Atlanta. Fourteen student films and music videos will be featured in the new competition, “Le Film de Arte,” which will be held in the school cafeteria at 6630 Camp Street on Thursday, May 12 . Utopian Academy scholars wrote the scripts for the features, created the story boards, and shot and edited the films. Films from the comedy, horror, action, and family genres will be shown. One overall winner will be selected. “The video and films turned out so well that we wanted to share them with the public,” said Lauren Lawson, broadcast video production instructor at Utopian Academy. “Our broadcast students worked hard on them. They spent the year learning new camera angles and editing techniques. This film festival will give the students a chance to network with professionals in the industry here to judge their talent.” Utopian Academy currently educates more than 200 scholars in grades 6-8. Teachers at Utopian challenge scholars to use their creativity and artistic expression to demonstrate subject mastery. Students take core classes in math, language arts, social studies and science. They also study broadcast arts, visual arts, music, culinary arts, drama, and dance. Utopian Academy’s arts students showcase their many talents during a number of school performances. This school year, students performed in the musical, “The Wiz,” which was complete with a film trailer created by broadcast students promoting the show. “Within the fine arts department this year, we have highlighted almost every aspect,” said Ebonne Craft, director of the fine arts department at Utopian Academy. “This time, we are highlighting the fine work of our students in the audio-visual and broadcasting department.” Visual arts students will also display their artwork. The judges of the first annual Utopian Academy film festival will include officials with Clayton State University and two Hollywood industry insiders. Ed Richardson and Brian Livesay are founders and managing partners of Atlanta Metro Studios, a new movie and television production studio under construction in Union City. Richardson is a veteran producer who has produced, line produced and served as production manager for numerous feature length films and teleplays. Livesay has spent more than 20 years in the creative trenches of film, television, commercial and live event production designing feature films, television series, specials and episodic television for CBS, NBC, ABC, Universal Television, and several film corporations including Sony Pictures and Newline Cinema. Atlanta Metro Studios has a strong commitment to industry-based educational outreach. Livesay and Richardson have provided guidance and career exploration opportunities to film students at Utopian Academy throughout the school year. “Atlanta Metro Studios is committed to engaging with the students at Utopian to introduce them to Georgia’s film industry professionals and to involve them in local productions, said Livesay, who is a production designer by trade. “Our ability to offer early exposure for Utopian’s students to a creative and collaborative career path is another way we can strengthen the immense local talent pool for this booming industry.” For more information on the competition, visit utopianacademy.com.

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