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Utopian Academy for the Arts graduated its first class of eighth graders on Thursday, May 19, in Jonesboro.

The inaugural graduating Class of 2018 set a legacy of excellence for the school: Half of scholars completed the rigorous academic and arts program with either straight-A’s or mostly A’s and B’s. Several scholars in the Class of 2018 got the opportunity to hone their skills under the guidance of film and recording industry professionals outside of the classroom. Their education at Utopian Academy has opened doors to a bright future for them. Next year, several scholars will continue to pursue their passions for performing and media arts at the prestigious Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts in Clayton County. The school requires a successful talent audition, and a record of good conduct, and scholastic achievement for admittance. One scholar has been accepted to the elite metro Atlanta private school, Atlanta International School, where students learn core subjects in English and an immersion foreign language. Graduation Day marked an important milestone in the history of Utopian Academy- it was proof that the school’s brand of arts education and rigorous academics successfully produces scholars prepared for high school and college. One hundred percent of scholars completed the program as rising freshman. The inaugural class received high praise from Artesius Miller, executive director of Utopian Academy, faculty members, parents, and supporters. Utopian Academy principal Kelli Peterson challenged the class to continue to strive for excellence as they move through high school and college. “There will be many hurdles along this path that will try to distract you from achieving your full potential,” Peterson said.”Those who are oblivious will stumble not knowing what to do or where to go. But those, like you, who are wise, will utilize these experiences as learning opportunities to continue to climb toward the next goal. Remember, all progress takes place outside of your comfort zone. Every pro was once an amateur and every expert was once a beginner. Start now and dream big.” The graduates received a video message from music and entertainment mogul, Ludacris. The actor/rapper, who visited Utopian Academy at least three times during their years there, told scholars to keep working hard to make their dreams come true.

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