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Utopian Academy for the Arts has launched new Internet radio and television channels to showcase the creative talents of student actors, singers, dancers and young filmmakers.
The curriculum expansion was made possible through a partnership with Kingdom Business Communications Network of Ellenwood, GA, a metro Atlanta-based media company that provides online radio and television programming and business services.
Utopian TV and Radio will feature news, talk, educational and music shows. Its debut program is scheduled for release later this month on KBC’s True-Vision Network. The show, “UAFA Buzz,” will feature a behind the scenes look at Utopian Academy and its activities. Students will work on the shows weekly on Monday and Tuesday between 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
“This new broadcasting project gives our scholars a place to showcase their talents,” said Mr. Artesius Miller, executive director of Utopian Academy. “Family and friends of Utopian can tune in and see the exciting things that our students are working on. Our audience has expanded to the World Wide Web.”
Parents are excited about seeing their children on Internet TV. Students in Utopian Academy’s new Broadcasting Club will provide talent for the shows and operate cameras, lighting and sound equipment. It gives broadcasting students more time to learn about their favorite subject after-school.
“Our scholars will work like professionals in the business,” said Ms. Lauren Lawson, Director of Broadcasting at Utopian, who will serve as the executive director of programming for the Internet shows. “We will have directors, producers, journalists, show managers and radio personalities. We will use the tools of industry like Final Cut Pro. I will them how to do linear and non-linear editing.”
Eighth graders at Utopian Academy are serving as mentors for sixth graders who have joined the Broadcasting Club. “These kids are coming in with no experience and they are learning how to do everything so quickly,” Lawson said. “It is very exciting. I am proud of them.”
The students are also receiving tips from an industry insider, Mr. James Green, founder of The Media Dominion Group, which oversees KBC TV.  Mr. Green visits Utopian Academy as much as twice a week to teach students how to operate equipment that will allow them to broadcast live on the Internet.
“I think this opportunity will benefit the students because they will gain real work experience,” Mr. Green said. “I started off at the age of 17 working at a radio station playing country music in McDonough. I enjoyed the experience so much that I later graduated with honors from Stillman College with a degree in broadcast communication.”
Mrs. Deetra Poindexter, parent liaison for Utopian Academy, invited Green to bring the broadcast program to Utopian Academy. She has a seventh grader at the school.
“Working with the television and radio station will help students to see how their education relates directly to careers,” she said. “It will give them a sense of pride to see their work highlighted on television and radio. They will feel more confident in themselves, and their skills. It will be like ‘I did that!’”
The exposure, adds Green, could inspire students to study broadcasting in college. “After working with the network, they may say, ‘This is really what I want to do.’”
You can listen to KBCN Radio on your mobile phone by calling 401-347-9823 and pressing the number 2 on your device. Internet TV programming can be viewed at kbcnetwork.net.
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